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I’ve created a new forum, as a way for family members to get in touch with others through this website. It is my intention that people will be able to share information with each other through shared interests, etc.

The forum is located at:

22nd Infantry Regiment Family Members

Please contact me for details on creating an account.

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  1. Carole S Roberts

    I am the niece of 2nd Lt. L. Vincent Dewhirst, killed at the battle to secure Ozeville on June 12, 1944. His military records were destroyed in the fire in St. Louis. Any information on his service or his death would be helpful. I did find an unofficial report online that stated a Lt. Dewhurst(which could have been him) was shot by enemy fire when he stood to command his troops to hold fire after seeing a German white flag……stated he was platoon leader in a group in Co. K? Do you have any information related to that? Thank you!

      1. Paul Harris

        Auburn, AL

        Tuesday, May 30, 2017

        Dear John,

        I would like to speak to you about my family friend, Tony Tantillo, who served in A Company 1-22 from 1941 – 1944. Tony is still alive and living in North Augusta, SC. I am writing a short piece on him for our local newspaper. Would you please contact me.

  2. Jon Evans

    I as well am looking for more information on my Gradnfather Sgt. halford E. Dawson. He was with Company K. As with the above comment his records were destroyed in a fire in WV many years ago and we have been unable to obtain any information on his whereabouts during the Normandy Invasion. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  3. Dr. Anita Slater Capps

    I am Dr. Anita Slater Capps. I am over 700 pages into my sixth book. It is my first historical novel. (Working title, The Battle Raged On.) My dad was Staff. Sgt. Earl G. Slater, 4th Div., 22nd Inf. Reg., 2nd. Bat, Company G. He was supply sergeant for the company. I have just discovered your project on line. It is a gold mine for me as it confirms, dates, places, battles, and so forth. Although, my book is a novel, I make every effort to keep historical facts accurate. To date I have encountered tons of conflicting info on the above. I have miles of tapes made with my dad, but many times soldiers had no idea the name of some little village or town. Dates were the least of their worries and uncertain in their minds. I have stories of numerous incidents on tape where my dad would be explaining one situation and something completely unrelated would pop into his mind. He would stop and tell me, but later I found I had no idea where to add in the extra info. Your site is helping me sort out many of those entries. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and effort in behalf of the amazing 4th Division and 22nd Infantry Regiment. “Deeds Not Words!” I’m guessing you are a Double Ducer. Is that correct? You and I no doubt have a good friends in common, Bob and Jan Babcock. My mom and dad loved them and Col. Ruggles dearly. Bob, Jan and the 22nd took wonderful care of them during the opening of the D-Day Museum in New Orleans. With Sincere Thanks, Anita Slater Capps

    1. jtomawski Post author

      Dr. Slater Capps,

      I thank your father for his service, and I appreciate your comments. I have sent you an e-mail with more information.

      Take care,

  4. Simon Vosters

    Hello John,

    Great job you did on the history of the 22nd Inf Regiment! Can you contact me via email please?


  5. Craig Schmidter

    Dear Mr. Tomawski,

    thank you so much for this wealth of information. You have helped me to better understand the sacrifices our heros have made. My grandfather, William J. Smith, was in the 22nd and I think Company “K”, and was injured on July 30, 1944, receiving the purple heart. He was in hospital in France for a week and then 3 months in the UK before returning to Louisville hospital in November 1944.. I’m not sure when he joined the 22nd but I think he was a replacement to the regiment after D-Day and entered as a 2 lt, perhaps with a battlefield commission to 1 Lt.. Any further info you might have or point me to would be greatly appreciated.

  6. David Ashe

    Hi John. My name is David Ashe – “IRISH DAVE” – a transplanted Irishman living in Ravenoville, Normandy since March 2009.

    In June 2012 I inaugurated a Memorial – the “ETERNAL HEROES’ MEMORIAL” – dedicated to the paratroopers of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions who fought to free my adopted home on June 6-7, 1944. Each June since, I host ceremonies in the presence of returning veterans and families.

    I’ve recently turned my attention to the 22nd Infantry connection with both Ravenoville Bourg (village) and the “other” Ravenoville – Ravenoville Plage (Beach). An advanced element of 1st Battalion led by a Captain Trimble, CO Company B (don’t know his first name) linked up with the paratroopers in the Bourg early morning of 7 June, permitting the mis-dropped troopers to rejoin their units. I also understand that the 3rd Battalion accepted the surrender of the Germans defending Grand Hameau-des-Dunes (Ravenoville Plage) on the evening of 7 June.

    I’m seeking any information about the 22nd’s Ravenoville connection specifically on D-Day/D+1: after action reports/company morning reports/casualties/rosters.

    I’m also exploring the possibility of a plaque Honouring the 22nd beside the paratroopers’ Memorial for June 2018.

    Very sincerely


  7. Tommy DeGennaro

    I am researching my grandfather’s service during the war. His name was William Hartzell and he served in the 3rd Battalion 22nd Infantry. He was wounded 31 Jul 1944 at Percy France. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. jtomawski Post author


      My apologies for the late response. I never saw a notification for this comment on the site. I was just reviewing comments, and found it now. I thank your grandfather for his service to our country. I have sent you an email with more information.

      Take care,

  8. David Grob

    Thank you for your website.
    I am interested in the researching the activities of Company I on 23-JUN-44, 9-AUG-44, Nov/Dec 44
    and 28-FEB-45.
    I appreciate your help.
    Best regards,

  9. Darren Moran

    Hi John,

    I am looking for any records for the 22nd 1st Battalion C Company on June 1st through June 7th. Most important are the 6th and June 7th. I’m trying to determine the details around the death of Preston Niland. I am most grateful for any help you may offer. Please, if its not too much trouble, respond to my email at contactdmoran@gmail.com.

    Thank you in advance,



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