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  1. Michael Justin

    Dear Sir, I have recently came across many items related to S/SGT Carlo Liotta, H Co., 2 Batt, 22nd Infantry Regt. He was KIA in late September 1944. Was hoping to dig up anything that would allow me to find out what happened to him. He is my best friends Grandfather.

    1. tomawski Post author


      I thank S/Sgt. Liotta for his service to our country. I have sent you an email with more information.


    2. Andy Rathgeber

      My father’s uncle, 1st Lt William F Rathgeber was in Co. K, and was killed April 4, 1945 near Konigshofen Germany, supposedly by Kriegsmarine sniper. Any information about action around that time and location would be much appreciated

      1. Chris mckibben

        Andy, I was just reading a letter that my grandfather wrote to me back in 2005. He was in company k. In the letter he writes about conducting a infantry sweep of the Konigshofen ridge on April 4.

        “As we neared the Crest of the hill our platoon leader, LT Rathgeber, yelled to the members of our platoon, “there they are straight ahead”. As soon as he shouted those words he was hit by a bullet and fell forward dead. We were about 50 yards from the germans. The german defenders were dug in with big stones around their foxholes.”

        During the night they pulled back 150 yards and set up a defense line. The next day, a Sherman tank used a forester travel to move up to their position. My grandfather had expected that the artillery would pound the area with 105 rounds, but instead they got a single tank. The tank shot a few rounds towards the germans with little effect. They were then told to push forward resulting in no gain. The germans then counter attacked on the morning of the 6th and were cut down. When they moved through the german lines many more of them had been killed. Later on he learned that the german defenders had been from the Munich SS Officer Candidate School.

        1. jtomawski Post author


          Thank you for sharing this firsthand account of the events that took place on 4 April 1945. I have sent you an email requesting more information.

          Take care,

        2. Bob

          Interesting , my Father was in that action and was badly wounded…I might have some more information on that battle.. I actually have the whole story written of the battle and they were part of the 5th SS.

  2. Charles-hubert


    I do not speak English and I apologize;
    I know Carlo Liotta died September 15, 1944 in Brandscheid in Germany following a gunshot wound in the head.
    He was buried first in Belgium and his body was then transferred.

  3. leroy

    Hello sir
    excuse me for my English
    I am currently sponsoring a tombstone in colleville
    That of soldier UNDERWOOD T J
    22nd RI of the 4th DI died July 10, 1944
    After long unsuccessful search on my part.
    I wanted to know if you could tell me more
    thank you in advance
    Cordialy Antoine.

      1. Andre Higler


        I’m Andre and I’m from Holland.

        5 years ago I went to the cemetery in Normandy. I took a picture of the grave of pvt. T.J. Underwood of the 22 infantry.
        Since then I’ve got this photo as a background on my phone seeing it every time I’ve picked up my phone for the last 5 years.

        This picture has a very special personal meaning and memorys for me.

        The last 5 years I’ve got curios about this private and his path in Europe. Could you help me with some information about this soldier an his tour in Europe?

        Many thanks from a curious Dutchman.

  4. Donald Cunningham

    My father Frank Cunningham (San Diego)was a replacement Pfc. with 4th Infantry, 22nd Regiment Company B and was wounded on April 1, 1945 outside of Rothenberg and any information would be appreciated as I was in Rothenberg last month.

  5. Steven Muha

    My wife’s Great-Uncle Frank M Espino was killed March 2 1945. Any information you may have on him would be greatly appreciated.

  6. David A Keiser

    My grandfather was killed in ww2 in 1944, on his grave it says 22 Inf. Co. G I can’t locate him in the KIA’s. Listed for the unit and cant find a G unit either, I was hopeful you could help

  7. Bob

    Wow , Dad was with F company, and told me what happened that night….when they was holding the line….Every Christmas he would tell us that story, of E,G and his Company…fighting with no winter clothes, all night…Wilson was the CO, and he said , the last attack was an SS unit and punched through thier line..He said Wilson yelled out “every man to himself” ….He was the only automatic weapon left (BAR) …All the others behind him and above him , ran screaming into the enemy, engaging in a cold steel fight….Ove 80 Germans were dead in and around thier position the next morning…F Co consisted of 28 men after the battle.

  8. Twan Van leeuwen

    I have adopted the gravesite of John D Donaway.C-CO KIA 2 dec 1944 near Großhau. Can you tell me more how they moved trough the hurtgenforest. Thank you very much

  9. Leonard Curtis

    Looking for any information you might have on Pvt. Rayford Quick, Co. K, 22nd Infantry. KIA 7/11/1944.

  10. Lee Madore

    My father was in Co K 22inf do you have any info. I know he joined Co K again after being in hospital for 185 days on Jan 11 45

  11. Michael C. Taylor


    My father, Melvin C Taylor, service number 35 294 453, was in Company L, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division. He was wounded twice, on June 11th and August 5th 1944. Dad never talked about the war and passed away in 1996; hoping you may be able to shed some light on his service.


  12. Julian

    Hello John,

    my name ist Julian – im from Germany and researching the battles around Boxberg Königshofen in 31th.March and the first days of April 1945 .

    I ordered the G-2/G-3 reports from the 4th US Inf.Div. but the copies were mostly in very bad condition, so that I couldnt get the information I need.

    Im interested in the CounterIntelleigence reports and also in personal reports with experiences from US soldiers who fought in the Boxberg-Königshofen area. Also anything else about the battles around Boxberg and Königshofen

    Please excuse my poor english, im not used to it.

    Of course you can ask me , if you have questions about the battles of Boxberg/Königshofen -I will do my best to help you.

    Much joy in the New Year!

    Best regards Julian

  13. Lisa Pangburn

    My Uncle Murray Ellison died 18 Apr 1945 I believe part of this group. 22 Inf 4th Inf buried in Frances America Cemetary. If you have info that would be Great!

  14. Robert Endt

    Dear sir,
    My grandfather is Mark Seymour who was in the 22nd inf 4th div. He was killed in action on September 14, 1944 and is buried in Henri-Chappell cemetery in Belgium. If you could please give any details my mother would be greatly appreciative.

    Best regards,

  15. Robert Goleno

    Mr. Tomawski,
    My mother’s uncle PFC Thomas P. Lynch was KIA 2-8-45, his serial# 353818531. Our family has very limited information other than 22nd Infantry, 4th Division. Any details on him would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Bob Goleno

  16. Art LeVasseur

    My father, Norman LeVasseur was a radio operator in the 44th Field Artillery and from November 18, 1944 until he was wounded on November 27, 1944 was acting as a liaison to the forward command post, 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment. My father survived the war, became a lawyer, had 8 children, 11 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, and was a competitive sailor at the Detroit Yacht Club though 2020 at age 95. However, he never forgot those who did not make it back and continued to pray for them throughout his long life. He died last week, on 3/21/2021 two weeks after his 96th birthday.

    I was planning to put together a map of his movements from June 9, 1944, when he landed on Utah Beach, through the date he was wounded in the Hurtgen Forest to distribute to our family members. This map is very helpful. Thanks.

    1. jtomawski Post author


      My condolences to you and your family. I thank your father for his service to our country. Please let me know if there is anything additional you might need for your research.

      Take care,


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